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Approach with Adults

My approach has foundations in an experiential style of psychotherapy. I am always integrating the latest advances in neurocognitive science with the insights that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is among the strongest predictors of positive change, independent of the specific treatment used. Beginning with our initial contact, I provide the authenticity and warmth necessary to build a strong collaborative relationship, identify your primary goals, and agree upon a treatment plan.

Throughout my career, I have found that many adult clients can achieve significant growth and change through short-term, solution-focused psychotherapy. I have supported hundreds of clients by integrating goals-oriented approaches such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Additionally, many adults find that long-term psychotherapy can provide ongoing opportunities for growth and self-exploration. My process-oriented psychotherapy work is rooted in a Humanistic-Existential view of the person, and offers continued supportive reflection and emotional transformation as my clients journey into previously unexplored stages of life.


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Focus Areas with Adults

Anxiety and Depression

Low moods and worries can often tell us convincing stories about ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. We can disrupt these patterns by developing skills to mindfully identify exceptions to these stories, weaken the influence of these problems on our lives, and renew our sense of comfort in ourselves — without having to reinvent ourselves. With clients seeking support with various forms of anxiety and depression, I look for opportunities to offer practical tools for working toward sustainable relief.

Stress Management

It can be hard to develop a work-life balance that will consistently allow life to feel good without too much extra work. As we juggle our digital and IRL selves, family and professional relationships, as well as financial and personal responsibilities, the fast pace of modern living can take a toll on our bodies, our moods, and our sense of personal fulfillment and connection. My experiential approach to psychotherapy offers in-the-moment feedback to help clients slow their minds and bodies; this awareness in turn creates new opportunities to learn skills for stress-reduction and self-regulation.


Approaching Fatherhood

During and after pregnancy, male partners frequently find themselves having strong feelings such as stress about finances, discomfort with changes in their relationship, and even helplessness as their own parents return to old patterns of family dysfunction. Many expecting fathers find themselves distancing themselves from important relationships, spending more time at work, increasing their use of alcohol and/or drugs, arguing or yelling more often with partners and others, or even becoming aggressive. In working with clients approaching fatherhood, I help men to reflect on their feelings and their relationships throughout the prenatal and postpartum periods, developing new ways of “tuning-in” both with themselves and with those they love.

Life Transitions

Change doesn’t come easy for everyone, but it often seems to be among the only predictable forces in life. Whether recovering from periods of overwhelming stress, starting a new job or career, journeying into new stages of family life, or moving to a new community — these times of transition can bring us to the unfinished corners of ourselves. It is my belief that, with the right combination of curiosity, empathy, support, and practical skills, my clients will naturally find themselves growing more comfortable as this present moment continues into the future, leaving the past behind.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

It is an incredible privilege as a male psychotherapist to offer my services to women both during and after pregnancy. I have supported many women with concerns about perinatal and postpartum depression/anxiety. My clients learn more about the concept of the “good-enough mother” and confront the myth of the perfect parent. The intersections between being a driven professional and the development of maternal identity, supporting abstinence or harm reduction strategies around substance use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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