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Approach with Teens

There is little more fulfilling to me than to support and nurture the emotional and psychological growth of teens. My job as a therapist is to help my teen clients see that feeling misunderstood is totally understandable, and that it is possible to be seen as a unique individual. I truly enjoy the candidness and authenticity of my teen clients, and am often moved by their eager search for identity.

Teens today face challenges more complex and more difficult to understand than any generation before. They must navigate a world of growing academic pressures and increasingly complex social expectations among peers.

My unique strength is the ability to build a safe therapeutic relationship where  teens feel safe to express and explore what they are feeling, and to use that as the starting point for emotional psychological growth. I am committed to providing my teen clients with a predictable relationship, outside those of home and school, that will help them to navigate the uncharted paths of their emotional and psychological growth. 

I have worked with teens on balancing the challenges of academic rigor with maintaining strong relationships at home and with friends, navigating ongoing disruptive or self-destructive behaviors that risk affecting progression into early adulthood. healing the rift between bully and bullied, and much more. 

Every teen needs to know that participating in psychotherapy is their choice. It is for that reason that I feel strongly about offering my initial consultation at no charge. After our first meeting many teens will sense whether our connection might well work for them.

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Focus Areas with Teens 

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

I work with teens to develop new strategies for managing stress, gain a new sense of perspective, and “ride the wave” of negative thinking. My use of mindfulness and other skills will help your teen to experience better mastery of difficult emotions and shifting moods. It has never been easy to be a teenager, but this generation is facing a new set of social, cultural, and academic pressures.

Adjustment and Identity Development

I work with teens struggling to answer tricky questions of who they are deep inside. Adolescence is a time of self-examination, personal growth, and increasingly complex development of intersectional identities. I use a relational approach with these teens to explore these questions in a nonjudgmental, supportive, and — you guessed it — non-parental context.

Teens & Technology

Teens aren’t just looking for a therapist they can talk to; today’s young adults are digital citizens in a world where relationships take shape across multiple platforms. It’s tougher for than ever for teens to simply be themselves without worrying about the social media commentary from friends, enemies, and frenemies. By inviting this digital layer of teens’ lives into the therapy room, I help my teen clients work towards real changes in their relationships — both online and IRL.


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