Additional Resources

The information below is a growing list of local, national, and online tools provided for general use, as covered by this site’s Disclaimer.

Not sure whether you're ready for psychotherapy?

Apps for Adults & Teens

Calm Harm — Manage self-harm urges
Headspace — Meditation made simple
Moodpath — Personalized mood companion
My3 — Suicide prevention safety planning
Oak — Meditation and breathing
PauseAble — Interactive, portable mindfulness
Relax Melodies — Quiet your mind
Woebot — CBT, DBT & mindfulness skills
Worry Watch — Record, Reflect, Realize & Reform
Youper — emotional health assistant

Apps: Kids

Mindful Powers — social-emotional learning through play
PauseAble — Interactive, portable mindfulness
PBS Kids
— Games, interactive stories, and more!
Relax Melodies — Quiet your mind
Wellbeyond Meditation — planting seeds of resilience & kindness