Real Therapy for Real People

Real Therapy for Real People, IRL

Matthew Fishleder LMFT


Psychotherapy Services


Adults 18+

Adults born after 1980 are part of the most goals-oriented, technologically connected, and outspoken generations on record. Our fast-paced lives include a plethora of relationships — both digital and IRL. My approach to therapy balances authenticity, cultural accountability, and practical tools for being here & now.

Adolescents 11-17

From the stresses of middle-school and high-school to the social pressures of modern technology, teens now face challenges more complex and more difficult to understand than any generation before them. It’s totally understandable to feel misunderstood as a teenager —but it is also possible to be seen as uniquely strong.

Children 6-10

Puzzled by your school-aged child’s concerning behaviors? Having trouble communicating about their big feelings? Evidence-based practices using the language of play can help children and their families to understand difficult experiences. I empower kids to trust their abilities to solve problems and build relationships.

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